person holding a Debit card  with a phone.

Debit Cards

Pay on the go

It's more than a piece of plastic. Keep your First National Bank debit card at the top of your wallet in back pocket or purse and in your smart phone.

A First National Bank debit card is safer than carrying cash, more convenient than writing a check, and provides fraud protection if lost or stolen.  All cards are secure, easy to use, and provide an extra level of convenience.

Take full control of your card — right from your phone.

Card Management within your FNBOnline banking app lets you choose how, when, and where your FNB debit card is used. Plus, Card Management will send notifications every time your FNB debit card is used via your App, Text message or an email.    Learn More
With  Digital Wallet & Contactless Payments, you can use your FNB consumer or business debit card, to pay at your favorite stores, restaurants and gas stations.       Learn More
Learn more about what to do when your FNB debit card is lost or stolen.
  1. Use Card Management to turn off your card
  2. Contact your Local Branch 
  3. Start a message in your FNBOnline App