Trust Services

Our Trust Department will meet your needs with our general trust, retirement, guardianship, or Power of Attorney services.

General Trust Services

  • Register assets and hold for safekeeping in the name of the Bank or its nominee
  • Collect, distribute, or accumulate income
  • Pay bills and file insurance claims
  • Handle trust investments
  • Oversee fiduciary tax returns and advise Grantor or Beneficiaries of income
  • Periodically report on asset valuations and trust transactions
  • Distribute assets to beneficiaries when trust terminates

Qualified Retirement Plan Services

  • Pension plans
  • Profit sharing plans
  • 401(k) plans
  • SEPs, IRAs

Estate Administration Services

  • Collect assets and information regarding the estate
  • Inventory estate assets
  • Property appraisal
  • Pay debts and settle claims against estate
  • Collect income on estate assets
  • Manage, maintain, and protect the estate during the settlement period
  • Oversee processing of estate, inheritance, and income taxes
  • Distribute estate as directed by will or law
  • Prepare final accounting for Probate Court

Guardianship Services

  • Manage assets
  • Manage the financial affairs of incapacitated individuals
  • Monitor cash requirements, sell assets if required
  • Pay debts and settle claims
  • Manage income
  • Oversee income tax processing and payment
  • Prepare complete accounting of transactions and assets for Probate Court

Agent or Power of Attorney Services

  • Safekeeping of securities and documents
  • Collect income on held assets
  • Pay bills and file insurance claims
  • Manage investments or execute investment transactions
  • Oversee income tax preparation
  • Provide accounting of transactions and asset valuations

Escrow Agent

  • Bank holds property, pending satisfactory completion of transaction, between two or more parties

Bond Agent / Trustee Services

  • Serve as paying Agent or a Trustee of a bond
  • Provide additional services as specified

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All terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notification.