christmas silver colored bulbs and stars over green background picture

Christmas Club Account

Sure, there's a way to make those smiles bigger.

With a little planning, this can be really special

Christmas is always merry.  But there's definitely a way to up the ante. By opening  a Christmas Club account you can save year-round, and  put more ho-ho into your December holidays.

Christmas Club

Spread more cheer than last year

A bigger tree in the living room. More dazzling lights in your yard. An extra special present or two, and maybe a feast for your best friends. We pay interest on your deposits, which puts even more jingle in your pocket to spend on things that bring you pleasure.

  • $20 minimum amount to open
  • Build up balance with regular deposits and automatic transfers from checking or savings
  • No monthly service charge
  • Annual club payment issued after October 31
    • Deposits between Nov. 1 & Dec. 31 to keep account for next year 
  • Interest paid when term is completed
  • $5 fee for each early withdrawal
    • limit three per year