Working at a desk with a wireless phone , laptop and debit card.

Card Management

Take full control of your card — right from your phone.

Card Management within your FNBOnline banking app lets you choose how, when, and where your FNB debit card is used. Plus, Card Management will send notifications every time your FNB debit card is used via your App, Text message or an email.
 The FNBOnline app has Advanced Card Controls that put you in charge of when and where your card is use. It’s as easy as a tap on your phone.

Card Management gives you the power to:

  • Turn your card on and off
  •  Enable Alerts and Protections
    •  Receive a notifications via in-app, text or email when your card is used
    • Set-up location restrictions and notifications
    • Set-up merchant type restrictions and notifications
    • Set-up spending limits
  • Report a Lost or Stolen card
It’s just another way the FNB empowers you to manage your money safely and securely.

Take control of your Debit Card!!

Debit card management from your wireless phone Turn your FNB Debit Card ON / OFF

Debit card management from your wireless phone Turn on Notifications

Debit card management from your wireless phone Set Spending limits 

Log into your FNBOnline account. 
Scroll down to CARD MANANGEMENT => Select your card.

If you don't have an FNBOnline account => Select LOGIN at the top of this page and => Select enroll.