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Business Services

Let's get things done a little faster.

Struggling with efficiency? There's a quick fix.

Paper checks seem like relics of another era. But office staffs still get bogged down processing incoming check payments and mailing out their own big batches. With First National Bank's Business Services, you can save time and money by fast-tracking checking deposits and sending funds zipping across the county or country electronically instead of in a stuffed envelope.

Remote Deposit Capture

All you need is a simple scanner

Emails, texts and cloud computing. Businesses have embraced the digital era. So does it make any sense for a staffer to physically lug the day's check deposits to the bank? Of course not. With Remote Deposit Capture, user-friendly scanning technology eliminates the daily drive time.

  • Scan checks quickly and efficiently at your business location
  • Information is transmitted over a secure, encrypted connection to FNB
  • Check images and deposit amounts are retained for easy research and analysis
  • Deposit confirmations are emailed directly to you
  • Additional scanners can be set up within your company at separate office locations
  • $50 monthly fee includes the check scanner and monthly maintenance
  • No equipment to buy

ACH Origination

It's the modern way to move money

Cut fewer checks. Streamline your bookkeeping. Free your staff from busy work. With Automated Clearing House Origination, your business can send and receive funds electronically, making things easier for customers, suppliers and your own team.

  • Save money by eliminating excessive check writing and handling
  • Save costly back-office time by reducing account reconciliation
  • Eliminate expensive "stop payment" fees due to lost checks
  • Reduce fraud exposure due to lost or stolen checks
  • Accurate cash-flow projections because you control the timing of payments

Direct Payroll

  • Payroll goes directly into an employee's account, allowing them to make fewer trips to the bank
  • Payroll posts to account by 8 a.m. on payment date, which provides immediate access
  • ACH is more secure than the mail as it eliminates delayed, lost or stolen checks
  • Funds can be directly paid into any type of checking or savings account

Direct Billing

  • Collect customer or client payments electronically
  • Improve your company image and service level
  • Enjoy a secure processing method
  • Reduce payment processing costs by reducing need for mail opening and data entry staff
  • Reduce check fraud
  • Improve cash flow and reduce number of returned checks
  • Save time and money in the collection process

Wire Transfers

Send funds lightning fast

In business, sometimes money needs to move in a hurry. When mailing a check is too slow and a credit card isn't an option, a secure Wire Transfer can get the deal done.

  • Initiate secure domestic transfers through Online Banking
  • Schedule one-time transfers or arrange for repeat transfers to the same account
  • Authorize who in your company can send transfers and put dollar limits in place