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Business Online Services

The job's a lot easier when you have the right tools.

Put the digital world to work for you

Cutting-edge technology? It's yours for the asking. But you won't need to spring for fancy equipment or a big-time IT department. Just sign on with First National Bank and we'll provide a wide range of free digital tools that can help your business get things done faster, cheaper and better.


Manage money in real-time

Online Banking is a virtual command center. With one quick look, you can get a right-now overview of all your accounts. And with a few keystrokes, you can move money, track transactions and download data for in-depth analysis.

  • Check balances and transfer money
  • Pay bills electronically
  • Make loan payments
  • Get transaction details for the past 60 days
  • Retrieve images of checks and other paper items
  • Download financial data to budgeting software for deeper analysis
  • Initiate stop payments for checks

Business NetPay

Pay your bills in minutes - and move on

You have a vision for your business. Short-term goals and big-picture plans. None of them involves writing out checks and sticking them in envelopes. With Business NetPay, you can spend less time paying the bills and more time building the future.

  • Pay suppliers, customers, utilities and others electronically with your computer or mobile device
  • Build better business relationships by ensuring on-time payments
  • Cut costs by spending less money on postage
  • Delegate work by allowing specific employees to make certain types of online payments
  • Generate reports more easily by downloading online payment data

Mobile Banking

Out of the office, not out of touch

No one likes being stapled to a desk. Today's business leaders roll up their sleeves and go where the action is. With our free app, you can stay on top of financial matters anywhere the workday takes you.

  • Download the FNB app for free from Google Play or the App Store
  • Works with Apple, Samsung and Android smartphones and devices
  • Check balances and transfer funds
  • Track recent transactions
  • Make bill and loan payments
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Mobile Deposit

Fast-track cash into your account

Yes, your time really is money. No, you don't want to spend it running to a bank branch every time a client or customer hands you a check. Now, thanks to your smartphone's camera, you can make fast deposits from anywhere while staying right on schedule.

  • Snap photos of front and back of check and follow instructions on your Online Banking page
  • Receive rapid responses verifying your deposit
  • Get faster access to your funds, often within 24 hours
  • Cutting-edge security features to protect you and your financial information
  • $2,500 daily limit and $10,000 monthly limit
  • Unlimited transactions and no monthly fee


Data where it does the most good

Crammed into a file cabinet, those paper bank statements might never see the light of day. But when you access your account details on your office computer, you're more likely to use it to track trends and map out your next move.

  • View your monthly account statements online
  • Receive an email when the statements are ready
  • Access statements through a password-protected website
  • View transaction histories from past 12 months
  • Download data to financial software for in-depth analysis