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First National Bank History

Our history is built on helping families like yours.
In Central Indiana, we live in close-knit communities where relationships are built on trust.  We trust the people who teach our children, who patrol our towns, and who heal us when we're sick, because they're our friends and neighbors. 

At First National Bank, we work every day to earn that same level of trust.  We're not a big financial institution headquartered in some far-off place and run by people you'll never meet. >We're a community bank run by your friends and neighbors. We want what's best for you because that's what's best for all of us.  And we've had that outlook since the day we opened our doors in 1913. 

At the time, we were little more than a fireproof safe that held our first customers' life savings.  Over the years, we've evolved considerably as we've found better ways to serve our towns.  Over the decades, we've added a wide range of high-value deposit accounts that help Central Indiana families manage their money better and grow their savings faster. 

We've added low-cost loans to make home ownership, auto purchases, college education and other family needs more affordable.  We've also focused on convenience. Over time, we've added new locations - we're up to seven now - so you can spend less time driving to the bank.  Back in 1971, we opened drive-through lanes way before they became commonplace at other banks.  More recently, we've focused on cutting-edge technology that allows you to bank 24/7 on your computer or mobile phone.  And we've become more committed than ever to our communities.

First National Bank provides financial support for local schools and scholarships for deserving students.  Through our kind-hearted FNB employees, we provide volunteer assistance for local events and worthy causes. 

So what does the future hold?  There's no telling what the next wave of technology will mean for the banking world.  Rest assured, we'll stay on top of things and make sure we offer the latest - and safest - conveniences. As for our community focus?  That's a little more predictable.  We promise to do all we can to make Central Indiana a better place to live and to work.  And we'll continue to work hard every single day to earn your trust.
That's been our formula for success for more than 100 years.  There's no reason to change it now.