FNBOnline FAQs

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... Click on 'Enrollment Form' on the FNBOnline Information page, fill in your information and print the form.

You can drop off the form at any First National Bank location, or you can mail it to the following address:

First National Bank
Attn: Customer Service
P O Box 248
Cloverdale, IN 46120

... You should have your Logon and PIN within two weeks.

You will receive your Logon letter first, and then a couple of days later you should receive your PIN with instructions on how to sign on to the system.

... Transfers scheduled before 6:00pm EST will take place on that business day, unless a future date is selected.

Normal business days are Monday through Friday.

... Yes.

Navigate to the 'Transfers' page, then select the appropriate account by "View Transfers for" and click 'Delete.' Then click 'Delete' on the next confirmation page.

... Only regular loan payments are available on FNBOnline at this time.

... FNBOnline PIN's expire every 180 days for security reasons.

You will be alerted from within the system approximately 14 days before your PIN expires and you will have an opportunity to change it.

... Whenever there are three unsuccessful attempts to login to FNBOnline, your account will become locked for security reasons.

Just call your local FNB location or give us a call at 888-277-6506 during normal support hours. We will verify your identity and reset your PIN within 24 hours.

... When you completed the FNBOnline Enrollment Form, you may have not selected to allow transfer capability to your logon.

Also, for security purposes, if you did not answer the question, we did not set up transfer capability. To allow transfer capability, just contact any FNB location or give us a call at 888-277- 6506 during normal support hours.

... When you completed the FNBOnline Enrollment Form, you may have selected to only have access to specific accounts.

To include additional accounts, just call any FNB location or give us a call at 888-277- 6506 during normal support hours.

... A feature on FNBOnline is the ability to send and receive secure messages.

When you see "You have 1 new message" displayed, simply click on the red dot and your incoming secure message will be displayed. You may reply to, print, or simply read the message and discard it.

... Once you login, click on "Options" at the top of the page.

Then, simply type in your new "Personal ID" on the appropriate line and click Submit. The next time you login, use this new ID. Remember that each ID must be unique, so if your choice is already taken you will have to select another.

... FNBOnline is continually updated throughout the day to give you the most current information possible.

Anytime checks are presented during the day, they are "memo posted" to your account. A check received at First National Bank location and processed or a check that has been presented for payment from the Federal Reserve would have the description "POD capture". You can not view the images of these items until later that day.

... With our Cash Management product, a business (large or small) can pay their payroll and vendors through ACH origination (direct deposit).

Call 888-277-6506(toll free) or contact FNBOnlineSupport@fnb-bank.com for more information.

... At the top of your screen, click on "Options". Next, select "Alerts". In the "Item Alert" section, click on "Add Item Alert".

Then select the checking account and fill in the check number. When the check clears, you will receive an alert on the opening page of FNBOnline. Remember that this will only work if the check has not yet cleared your account. Note: You need to login to FNBOnline to receive the alert.

... That is an indicator that FNBOnline is sending you an alert based on a selection you made in "Alerts" on the Options screen.

Click on the red dot to receive the details.

... Yes, we do. Contact your local FNB location for details.