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MasterCard® Debit Card

Convenient Access to Your Money!

Your First National Bank MasterCard® Debit Card is a safe and convenient way to access your funds, whether you are purchasing in store or online, grocery shopping, or picking up fast food. Your Debit Card is an easy way to pay for purchases at millions of locations that accept MasterCard. Your card can also be used to make automatic bill payments such as cell phone, memberships, insurance premiums, and more.

Don't hassle with writing a check, this card is FREE! Your purchases are deducted directly from your checking account. Transactions appear automatically via FNBOnline, Bankline, mobile banking app, or at any ATM. You also see each transaction on your monthly bank statement. To protect your account, there is a $1,000 daily transaction limit on every card.

You can password protect your Debit Card with MasterCard®SecureCode® . By protecting your card you can ensure that only you can use your card to shop online at participating merchants. Even if you do not shop online, this security can protect your account in the case that your card is stolen or lost. Please see our MasterCard®SecureCode® page for more information.

The First National Bank Zero Liability pledge lets you bank and make purchases worry free. You are not liable for any unauthorized transactions or purchases due to theft of your Mastercard® Debit Card. Please see our Zero Liability page for more information.

Your Debit Card works as your ATM card to get cash, make deposits, transfer funds, and get balance inquires. Get free access at any First National Bank ATM. To protect your account, there is a $310 daily cash transaction limit on every card.

To apply, visit your local branch .

Debit Card FAQs | Card Security

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