How It Works

Card Skimming is a method of stealing information from the magnetic strip on the back of Debit and Credit Cards. Card Skimmers are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or large enough to slip over the card slots on Point of Sale machines (Gas Pumps, or ATM's). Each device can store information for thousands of cards! The stolen information is either used by the thief or sold to the highest bidder.

Where It Happens

The most common types of businesses where compact Card Skimmers have been found include: restaurants, bars, shopping malls, gas stations, and even ATM's. Card Skimming produces millions of dollars each year in fraudulent activity which can damage your financial security.


When using your Debit Card to make a purchase, select the payment type as Credit to avoid entering your secret PIN at the point of sale. Your secret PIN should only be used at ATM's where you believe the machine is inspected daily for skimming devices as well as protected by surveillance cameras.

What if I find a Card Skimmer?

DO NOT remove the skimmer from its location, make sure you and those you are with are in a safe place, and call 9-1-1 to report the Card Skimmer. This will allow the Police to do their job as well as notify the owner of the ATM of the illegal activity.

FNB Recommendations

We encourage everyone with Internet Access to enroll in FNBOnline. This tool can help you monitor your Debit Card transactions daily. We also promote the protections offered by the MasterCard SecureCode (Debit Card) and Secured by VISA (Credit Card) programs. Our partner, Generations Gold, offers an Identity Theft Program as well. There is a fee associated with this program, but it puts the power of protection in your hands.