ACH Origination

First National Bank's direct payroll / billing services can make your workload a lot easier. With ACH Origination you can streamline bookkeeping and reduce the hassle and expense of making payments by check.

  • Save money by eliminating excessive check writing and handling
  • Save costly back-office time by reducing account reconciliation
  • Eliminate expensive ‘stop payment' fees due to lost checks
  • Reduce fraud exposure due to lost or stolen checks
  • Accurate cash flow projections because you control the timing of payments

Direct Payroll
  • Distribution of funds are efficient
  • Payroll goes directly into an account so there is no need to go to the bank to deposit.
  • Payroll posts to account by 8:00 am on payment date which provides immediate access
  • ACH is more secure as it eliminates delayed, lost, or stolen checks
  • Funds can be directly paid into checking or savings accounts

Direct Billing
  • Improve your company image and service level
  • Enjoy a secure processing method
  • Reduce payment processing costs by reducing need for mail opening and data entry staff
  • More secure as it eliminates delayed, lost, or stolen checks
  • Reduce Check Fraud
  • Improve cash flow, reduce returned checks, increase recovery of NSF checks
  • Save time and money in the collection process

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