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We offer a variety of loans for your lending needs. Our most common agricultural loans are listed below. Please contact a First National Bank representative at 888-277-6249 or visit a First National Bank branch for details, current rates and terms.

Operating Lines of Credit

Line of Credit loans are available for short term operating needs. These loans are typically one year term.  An interest payment on the outstanding balance is required.

Farm Production and Livestock Loans

These loans are available from First National Bank for the purpose of financing crop inputs or purchase of livestock.

Machinery and Equipment Loans

These loan programs are available from First National Bank for the purchase or refinance of equipment or machinery for your operation.

Real Estate Loans

Real Estate loan programs are available for the purchase or refinance of agricultural real estate from First National Bank.

Loans with FSA guaranties

Farm Service Agency (FSA) financing is available through FNB.