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Guard your card with Confidence and Security when you shop online

First National Bank is pleased to offer you MasterCard SecureCode. This service provides added protection when you buy at thousands of online stores. There is no need to get a new card; you simply enroll your current one. You choose your own private code or password (different than your PIN) that is only known by you. This code is never shared with any participating merchant. By registering your card with MasterCard SecureCode, you will have added confidence knowing that you are the only person who can use your debit card online and you are protected against unauthorized use for online purchases at participating merchant websites.

Registration is fast, easy and free - Register your card now

If you shop online often, you will want to register for MasterCard SecureCode as soon as you can, to ensure you are protected. If you do not have your card registered, after making four purchases at participating merchants, you will be required to register your card. You will be prompted to register before completing your next shopping session. Remember to register all of your First National Bank MasterCard debit cards.

Managing your MasterCard SecureCode

Once you have registered for MasterCard SecureCode, you can update or change your SecureCode anytime you like. If you cannot remember your SecureCode you may create a new one.

How SecureCode Works

Once you're registered, it is easy to do your online shopping with the added safety of MasterCard SecureCode.

Here's how:
arrow Shop online at participating merchants.
arrow Enter your MasterCard card number at checkout
arrow A window will appear from First National Bank asking you for your personal SecureCode.
arrow Enter your secret code or password
arrow In seconds, we confirm it is you and allow your purchase to be completed