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Banking couldn’t get much easier!

Eliminate the need to continuously purchase checks (and the risk of running out when you’re next in line at the grocery store!) Our First National Bank Debit Card saves money in check printing fees.

Get quicker access to your cash when you don’t have time to go into the branch and wait in line to cash a check! Our Jeanie ATM card gives you fast service at any ATM machine.

With our MasterCard Debit Card or Jeanie ATM card, you do not get charged an annual or monthly service fee. There are also no additional fees for merchant transactions, whether you choose credit or debit for Point of Sale transactions. ATM’s not owned by First National Bank will have additional fees associated.

You can have up to three checking and three savings accounts on one card. Only the first checking account is your reserve account used for merchant transactions. All other accounts on your card are only available for cash withdraw, deposit, or transfers at the ATM.

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