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General Trust Services

arrow Register assets in the name of the Bank or its nominee, and hold for safekeeping
arrow Collect income and distribute or accumulate income pursuant to terms of the trust
arrow Pay bills and file insurance claims per trust terms
arrow Handle trust investments per trust's instructions
arrow Oversee fiduciary tax returns and advise Grantor or beneficiaries of income
arrow Periodically report on asset valuations and trust transactions
arrow Distribute assets to beneficiaries when trust terminates

Qualified Retirement Plan Services

arrow Pension plans
arrow Profit sharing plans
arrow 401(k) plans
arrow SEPs, IRAs

Estate Administration Services

arrow Collect assets and information regarding the estate
arrow Inventory estate assets and have property appraised
arrow Pay debts and settle claims against estate
arrow Collect income on estate assets
arrow Manage, maintain and protect the estate during the settlement period
arrow Oversee processing of estate, inheritance and income taxes for the estate
arrow Distribute estate as directed by will or law if there is no will
arrow Prepare final accounting for Probate Court

Guardianship Services

arrow Manage the financial affairs of incapacitated individuals
arrow Manage assets of individual
arrow Monitor cash requirements, sell assets if required
arrow Pay debts and settle claims of individual
arrow Manage individual's income
arrow Oversee income tax processing and payment
arrow Prepare complete accounting of all transactions and assets for Probate Court

Agent or Power of Attorney Services

arrow Safekeeping securities and documents deposited
arrow Collect income on held assets
arrow Pay bills and file insurance claims as directed
arrow Manage investments or simply execute investment transactions as directed by client
arrow Oversee income tax preparation
arrow Provide accounting of transactions and asset valuations

Escrow Agent

arrow Bank holds property pending satisfactory completion of transaction between two or more parties

Bond Agent / Trustee Services

arrow Serve as paying agent and/or trustee of a bond issue
arrow and other services outlined in the bond issue